global networking project


global networking project 2003-2007


In 2003, Agricola de Cologne made a proposal of a Internet based new media project to Biennale of Electronic Art to take place 2004 in Perth/Australia. According to the artistic concept, Agricola de Cologne wanted...


[Remembering] [Repressing] [Forgetting] BEAP – Biennale of Electronic Art Perth 2004 7 Sept – 17 November 2004 Biennale of Electronic Art The RRF Project @ Interactiva 03 - Biennale for New Media Art Merida/Mexico 2003...


Between March 2004 and December 2007, [R][R][F]200X–>XP has ben presented 65 times in an exchange between virtual and physical space completely and partially in most different constellations. Since 01 January 2007 presented as [R][R][F]200x—>XP 2007...