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4: Identity Channel

Identity Channel – Memory Channel IV is dealing with most different forms of identity—>

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central interface – Memory Channel IV

Individually featured artists —>

Oodlala by Tamar Schori (Israel) -     
NanaDramas by Rodrigo de Toledo (Brazil)

  • Carla Della Beffa (Italy)
  • Sylvestre Evrard (France)
    Sol Kjok (Norway/USA)
    Christian Rupp (Austria)
    Christina McPhee (USA)
    Paul Alexandru (Romania)
    Mariam Ghani (Afghanistan/USA)
    Karla Brunet (Brazil)


  • Self-representation
  • is the title of a suite of curatorial projects which deal with the artists identity and forms of artists self-representations.

    the project environment can be best accessed via the
    central interface – Memory Channel IV

  • My Mission
  • is the title of a collection of artists statements on the subject “what is my (artistic) mission?”
    More than 100 statements give a deep insight on how artists see themeselves and their position in art and society.

    The project became also part of the media art show “://Selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem – a show for Peace –

    The project can be best accessed via the
    central interface – Memory Channel IV

    ://selfportrait – a show for Peace – a show for Bethlehem

    This media art exhibition was initiated and organised on occasion and in the framework of
    10th anniversary of the twincityship of the municipalities of Cologne/Germany & Bethlehem/Palestine to be shown first in Bethlehem at Al Kahf Gallery at Bethlehem International Center – 01-30 July 2006.

    Through its relevance in three world religions,
    Bethlehem was during more than 2000 years a symbol for peace also beyond,
    but since some time Bethlehem and the entire Holy Land on the Westbank
    is vanishing behind a huge wall as the result of a conflict in Middle East
    which is threatening world peace since many years.

    By being present personally and showing face through their selfportraits, the participating artists in the show overcome symbolically this wall which is eparating Israel and Palestine, and become messengers of peace this way.

    The show does not only transport the message of solidarity, but also the idea of a free and independent culture without borders, the use of New Media technology represents further a symbol for a new era for solving conflicts via communication. So, the exhibition becomes a contribution to peace on earth, there are conflicts in many parts on the globe, there virtual and physical walls everywhere to be overcome. Living in peace is a human right.

    ://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem
    incorporates about 350 artists and following aspects of New Media presented in physical space – digital prints to be installed in space or on walls, digital video via projections and installations, multi-media based on different technologies and sonic art via display on computer installation, and not to be forgotten, the artists statements via projection and display on monitors which give an idea about the visions of contemporary artists.

    ://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem is realized in cooperation with


    Bethlehem (Palestine)
    International Center
    Al Kahf Art Gallery – 07 – 30 July 2006
    Paul VI street/Madbassa Square

    Szczecin (Poland) – 20 October – 20 November
    Offizyna Art Space

    Santa Fe (Argentina) – 10 December 2006 – 5 February 2007
    MAC – Museo Arte Contemporaneo
    Universidad Nacional del Litoral

    Casoria/Naples (Italy) – 16 Dec 2006 – 30 jan 2007
    Contemporary Art Museum

    Rosario (Argentina) – 10 February – 30 March 2007
    MACRO – Museo Arte Contemporaneo Rosario

    List of participating artists