global networking project

8: InfoChannel – about

InfoChannel incorporates all textual information in the administrative and artistic body.


[R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project created, programmed, designed and organised by Agricola de Cologne.

The project started in 2004 simultaneously online in Internet and offline in physical space and was finalized at the end of 2006. It was running nearly three years very successfully and was presented in physical space more then 55 times on all continents.

While the project in its totality will be not continued as an active project, some project components like VideoChannel and SoundLAB Channel will be further developed and actualize this way [R][R][F]200x—>XP continously.

The global networking project consists of 8 Memory Channels, which contain again different modules and external artists projects, dealing with the fundamental questions of human existance in most individual and different ways.

Each Memory Channel may contain different modules and/or external artists projects which form and complete the idea of the network, this way RRF is incorporating the entire Internet as a source of information and a resource of links.

The project’s interface is constructed in form of a human brain, the symbol for the most complex networking construction consisting of millions synapses which all are connected with each other.

The interface  does not only represent the visual  basis for navigating the project online, but also the interface which as a navigating contruction when the project is installed as an interactive installation in physical space.

In concern of an installation in an exchange between virtual and physical space, the project consists not only of virtual, but also physical components.

These physical components represent basically VideoChannel and the incorporated and curated videos, which all are organised online, as well as offline from DVD in physical space to be installed, screened or projected.

The second component is SoundLab Channel – the sonic art environment, which can be installed online, as well as offline from DVD.