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[R][R][F] 200x –> XP
is initiated, created, curated and produced by Agricola de Cologne in the framework of A Virtual Memorial – Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity

As an ongoing project, it will include an expanding number of virtual and physical networking instances, as curators, artists, institutions, organisations, places or simply interested in individuals, which will be listed as networking instances on a separate page.

Conception, realisation, production, creation, webmaster, programming, chief curator and artist of [R][R][F] 200x—>XP

—>Agricola de Cologne. copyright © 2003-2006. All rights reserved.

All rights © on the included artworks, projects or contributions hold the artists, authors or owners.

All works remain included in [R][R][F] 200x—>XP until revoke.

Thanks to
all people, who joint already the project and all others who will join in the future and support the project development this way.

Special thanks to

—>[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]||:cologne for networking, collaborating and hosting [R][R][F] 200x—>XP.

—>all participating curators, i.e. Gita Hashemi, Raul Ferrera-Balanquet, Calin Man and Stefan Tiron, Eva Sjuve, Björn Norberg and others who will join [R][R][F] 200x—>XP, yet,and had the confidence in my working concept. Their excellent work by selecting the artists forms the basis of [R][R][F] 200x—>XP, without them my project would not exist.

Particular thanks
go to Raquel Partnoy, who is co-curating “Women:Memory of Repression in Argentina”, her contribution has a particular meaning to me, and Anahi Caceres, who will develop her individual contribution to this curatorial project.

—>National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucaresti/Romania and all responsable people who are involved in the physical presentation. The museum was the first physical institution which joint [R][R][F] 200x—>XP and has an essential share of the development of [R][R][F] 200x—>XP and its success. Thanks particularly to Florin Tudor and Raluca Velisar

—>BEK Bergen/Norway, Gisle Frysland

—> Splintermind and “Beeoff” curated by Björn Norberg for collaborating, further to Sachiko Hayashi for her engagement

—>Association Cologne-Bethlehem for initiating the contacts to Bethlehem, twin city of City of Cologne in Palestine, and Bethlehem International Center, by name Faten Nasdas and Mitri Raheb

—>Francis Wittenberger, ICECA Thailand and organizer of NewMediaArt Festival Bangkok/Thailand – MAF04

—>Seth Thomson, (USA)

—>further to all artists whether curated in [R][R][F] version 2.0 or in any of other included project environment, without their participating and networking [R][R][F] 200x—>XP would simply not exist.

Agricola de Cologne, is a media artist, New Media curator and founder of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]||:cologne, an extensive bio can be found on