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5: VideoChannel

VideoChannel is “memory channel 5” and a project environment dealing with video/film on the theme “memory & identity”. VideoChannel invites curators from all parts on the globe to prepare a contribution of videos by artists from their home countries and prepares selections on theme related subjects chiefcurated by Agricola de Cologne.

  • these are the curators:
  • Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
    Alex Haupt(Germany)
    Antonio Alvarado (Spain)
    Björn Norberg (Sweden)
    Brocólis VHS (Brazil)
    H. Figueroa-Sarriera & M. Ramirez-Aponte (Puerto Rico)
    Isabel Aranda Yto (Chile)
    Laura Chiari(Italy)
    Melody Parker-Carter (Germany)
    Rogier van Benteghem (Belgium)
    Silvio de Gracia (Argentina)
    Sinasi Günes (Turkey)
    Sitharan Roopesh (Malaysia) (Spain)
    Vince Briffa (Malta)
    Won-Kon Yi (South Korea)

    VideoChannel, its video collections, curatorial contributions and selections are too comprehensive and are displayed therefore on special website.

    VideoChannel is also operating separately, but all these activities like curatorial selections and screenings in physical space are always also part of RRF.

    In 2006, VideoChannel inititated and launched a festival environment of itsown, named:

    CologneOFF –
    CologneOFF – Cologne Online Film Festival

    a mobile film and videofestival operating online and offline via co-operations and physical screenings.


    via the RRF interface or directly here

    The latest addition to VideoChannel is Agricola de Cologne’s selection
    “image vs music”